We provide resoling and rebuilding of sandals, mountain man boots,moccasins, some cement-construction footwear and most types of stitch-out and hand-stitched footwear. We have standard charges for resoling Nativearth footwear and bill for time and materials for special repairs.

Our moderate fees depend on the extent of wear and condition of your footwear. A typical  boot rebuild is $120-$265, depending on sole, redesign, refit or adding trim, and repair of damaged overlays, resizing or complete refit and design.  Footwear returned dirty are subject to a cleaning surcharge.    Often it is necessary to repair replace certain elements of the footwear in addition to the sole, surcharges will be applied based on time and materials.  Resoling charge $55 plus the sole and shipping. Upper repairs are additional.

Sandal Resoling: $75.00 includes conveyor outsole and new footbed. Add for other soles below.  Because of the labor involved, we will replace your entire sandal for the resole price.
Boot Resoling: Glue-On Sole:  Woodstock/Sylvano/Cherry/Leather: $80.00, Kletter/Sierra: $100.00, Montagna $125.
Turned Shoe Resole: Add $100-$150 plus any upper repairs necessary. Will quote the exact price upon examination of footwear.  Prices based on standard resoling; surcharges apply for additional fitting or upper parts a necessary to make the footwear function.
Repairs: Charged at $55.00 per hour (Our work is quality and guaranteed).  Please note:  if the midsole needs replacement, please add $40 to cover the price of the new midsole assembly.  Shipping charges apply.
Quotations: Quotations given for redesign/rebuilding — available on request. Please send in your boots and give a detail your repair needs. We will provide a quotation based on time and materials. Did your dog eat your boots?  Let us quote for remaking the matching ONE SHOE or repair of the damage without replacement.
Boot Rebuilding & Resole: We do repair work on sandals, boots and moccasins.   We also make repairs on most leather items.  Flat rate is charges plus additional labor for repair or replacement of upper parts.
Replacement Insoles/Laces, etc. Please specify color desired (light or dark) and provide the old insoles or the insole pattern, lace length and color. SUPERFEET INSOLES are excellent for refitting your shoes and are available in-stock.
Sheepskin insoles: Real 5/8″ pile shearling stitched to a neoprene knobby cushion: $30.00/pair.  Add $15 for custom.
Suede or Full Grain insoles: Thick  leather stitched to a neoprene knobby cushion: $25.00/pair.  Add $15 for custom.
Heel & Arch: Add $10.00 for full lift or added arch support, met pads or other orthopedic cookies.
Lifts/Pedorthic: $20 per 1/4 “. Quotation based on materials and labor for partial or full lifts.

Repairs and Resoling

Contact us if you have any particular questions before sending your footwear in. You can send a photo and we can give you a ballpark figure for the work you want done.  Normal repairs and resoling take about 4-6 weeks. Repair orders must be paid in full before we start the work. When we receive your order or boots , we’ll contact you if there are any changes, additional charges or questions, and confirm the exact work to be done. Boot rebuilding is done on our off season (winter) due to the extra time it takes.



Black or tan, long-lasting and flexible solid rubber soling offers excellent traction, durability and “feel.”
$15.00 / pr.
Conveyor Roughtop Sole
Vibram Oil Resist (#2021)
1/2″ thick with 1″ heel.
$30.00 / pr.
Vibram Evalug (#2062)
9/16″ thick rubber sponge with 3/4″ heel.
$35.00 / pr.
Vibram Klettershoe
Black, solid rubber.
$40.00 / pr.
Vibram Montagna
Black, solid rubber, includes steel shank in heel.
$95.00 / pr.
Vibram Pyramid Eva
Black or brown, 1/2″ thick rubber sponge.
$20.00 / pr.
Vibram Woodstock Eva
Black or brown, 1/2″ thick rubber sponge.
$20.00 / pr.
Vibram Sierra Lug (#1276)
Black, 5/16″ thick solid rubber with traction matrix.
$40.00 / pr.
Vibram Sylvano or Cherry or LEATHER Soles
1/4″ thick solid rubber with traction matrix. Excellent traction and durability.

Leather soles are 12-14 oz prime veg-tan soling leather.
$20.00 / pr.



Sheepskin Footbeds
Stitched with knobby sponge, washable replacement soles make your boots warm and shape to your feet — work in Ugg boots.
$25.00 / pr.
$36.00 / pr. (custom cut insole)