The sole of Nativearth Footwear is your link to the earth.

We use Leather, industrial Conveyor belting (Roughtop) or Vibram USA soling on our footwear unless a soft sole is requested.   Leather and Conveyor or Soft soles give the best communication with energy fields from the earth.   The choice of proper soling is important for durability, flexibility and traction.


conveyor soles 1 conveyor soles 2

  • Black
  • Flexible and durable
  • Stitched through

Vibram Woodstock Eva

Vibram Woodstock Eva soles 1 Vibram Woodstock Eva soles 2

  • Black
  • 1/2″ thick
  • Blown rubber provides best cushion

Vibram Kletter

Vibram Kletter soles 1 Vibram Kletter soles 2

  • Black
  • Center medallion of traditional carrarmato lugs is designed to maximize traction.
  • Lugs are angled to promote gripping and braking.

Vibram Sierra (#1276)

Vibram Sierra soles 1 Vibram Sierra soles 2

  • Black
  • Ergonomic flex groove.
  • Multi-directional lugs.
  • Ladder grip lugs for gripping on roots, branches, etc.

Vibram Oil Resist (#2021)

Vibram Oil Resist soles 1 Vibram Oil Resist soles 2

  • Black
  • Toe pad for added durability.
  • Wedge design provides maximum ground contact for support, stability, and increased slip resistance.
  • Heel pad for added traction & durability.

Vibram EvaLug (#2062)

Vibram soles 1 Vibram soles 2

  • Black
  • Wide lugs for stability and durability.
  • Center medallion for comfort.
  • Shallow lug depth resists debris buildup.
  • Large heel pad for extended wear.

Vibram Montagna

Vibram Montagna soles 1 Vibram Montagna soles 2

  • Includes steel shank in heel
  • Oblique toe provides a broad base for climbing on multiple terrain.
  • Larger lugs are close together for excellent durability.
  • Center medallion of stars surrounded by lug pattern provide maximum wear and traction.
  • Large lugs on heel to assure long lasting durability.

Vibram 430

Vibram 430 soles 1

  • Includes steel shank in heel.
  • Features a refined lug medallion ideal for work and industrial applications.

Vibram Sylvano

Vibram Sylvano soles

  • 1/4″ thick solid rubber
  • Long-wearing, provides excellent traction

Vibram Cherry



1/4″ thick solid rubber

Long-wearing, provides excellent traction

Sheepskin Footbeds

Sheepskin Footbeds soles 1 Sheepskin Footbeds soles 2

  • Washable replacement soles
  • Stitched with knobby sponge
  • Make your boots warm and shape to your feet
  • Also work in Ugg boots