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For over 30 years, Nativearth Boots, Shoes, Sandals and Accessories are being handmade in Mariposa, California with the highest quality products and unsurpassed workmanship. Nativearth products are made using traditional designs and processes in our small, family owned workshop. Our team is dedicated to creating products that meet the needs of your everyday life. We appreciate your business.

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Caring for your shoes

Important shoe fitting information:
Our shoes may feel snug at first, but you will get additional length and width after a short period of wearing.

Brush and clean the leather with water and a drop of mild soap or saddle soap. Stuff the shoes with newspaper to dry and wipe clean. Nourish the leather with hand cream or leather seam sealer to keep it supple.

What Our Customers Say

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Hi Jim, I saw a UPS truck driver entering my gate, I ask my girlfriend , did you buy anything ? She replied “no” . Then it occurred to me , wow, could it be my UGGs ? I recognized the box from my window. I already know the UPS driver (he is a friend). Hey Norm what do you have here ? I explained what service I had found RESOLING UGG BOOTS ! Once I got inside, the little kid came out in me . Yes, I ripped the box open (although carefully). And WOW, A GRAND SLAM ! I’m a quality engineer for a living and appreciate CRAFTSMANSHIP. And that is you my friend. I’m wearing them now (duh) and its an improved model. Jim, I give you my two thumbs up. If I was consumer reports, your craftsmanship is second to none. As you know, word of mouth is a priceless form of communication. And I will be advertising the best and most appreciated words possible. A definite return customer .
Ann Ellis
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Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know how much I LOOOOOOOOVE my new pair of boots! Never did I think buying a pre-made pair would actually fit like they do! I was so very WRONG! Wore them the rest of the day Sunday (at TRF) AND wore them to work on Monday. My feet are almost never this comfortable at work. Love you guys very much! For your warmth AND your craft. You guys kick butt! I hope you have a nice day!
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Dear Jim and Leanne and all at home base……..How do I love my new red single tabs?
Let me count the ways! I adore them because They are:
Not to mention they know all my dance moves already — Which is purely awesome, as the 7 reasons above mystify me enough as it is! In other words, THANKS SO MUCH and I can’t believe my old red ones are still refusing to wear out!!!!!Sorry not to have sent more orders over the Summer …… Don’t seem to be getting them at the rate that was consistent for so long. Hope your sales in general are good, however, and that mine will improve soon. Thanks again, Laurie
Chris Hutchenson
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In my nearly 30 years of Chiropractic practice, I have always paid particular attention to the condition of my patients’ feet. I was trained to recognize that the healthy function of the body begins with healthy feet. There are several common degenerative conditions of the feet that are becoming familiar buzz words in everyday conversations; foot disorders such as plantar fascitis, hammer toes, bunions and fallen arches. What I have noticed in the last few years is signs of these conditions in much younger patients, many of whom most often wear shoes scientifically designed for maximum performance and extreme athletic activities. The technology of shoe design has led to the development of foot gear that literally over-protects the feet. The average individual is not often engaged in extreme athletic activities and in my opinion, this over-protection leads to a steady weakening of the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the feet. The shoes are doing the work and the feet atrophy. I have had great success with those patients exhibiting early changes, before serious permanent changes occur, by training them in specific exercises and encouraging them to walk barefoot whenever possible. As there are hazards to going barefoot, I recommend wearing unstructured shoes which allow the feet to work for themselves. Unstructured shoes like cheap flip-flops and simple slippers are easy to find but for more practical and stylish needs, I am delighted with Nativearth. Shoes with intelligent design that respects the beauty, form and function of the human foot. Shoes that are hand crafted and made to last, easy to repair and resole, rather than be used and added to the trash over-running the planet.
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But there will be beautiful shoes! You guys are amazing! The shoes couldn’t be any more perfect. The color is beautiful, as is the entire shoe! I love them. They make me smile every time I see them. I feel so blessed. So many people ask me where they could have shoes like mine made. Mariposa! Thank you!

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