28-Jan-09 17:00
Hi Jim,
I saw a UPS truck driver entering my gate, I ask my girlfriend , did you buy anything ? She replied “no” . Then it occurred to me , wow, could it be my UGGs ? I recognized the box from my window. I already know the UPS driver (he is a friend). Hey Norm what do you have here ? I explained what service I had found RE-SOLING UGG BOOTS ! Once I got inside, the little kid came out in me . Yes, I ripped the box open (although carefully). And WOW, A GRAND SLAM ! I’m a quality engineer for a living and appreciate CRAFTSMANSHIP. And that is you my friend. I’m wearing them now (duh) and its an improved model. Jim, I give you my two thumbs up. If I was consumer reports, your craftsmanship is second to none. As you know, word of mouth is a priceless form of communication. And I will be advertising the best and most appreciated words possible. A definite re-turn customer .

Thanks & PEACE
Santa Cruz California