Comfort lower arches or add support to tight shoes with Superfeet Black. Slim, low-volume design helps stabilize the foot and reduce pronation in casual or tight-fitting athletic footwear.


Black DMP�has a unique 3-layer foam system featuring Superfeet�s Dynamic Molding Process to provide comfortable, therapeutic support for sensitive feet. The top cover on the Superfeet Black DMP�is designed to help decrease friction due to excessive motion. The multi-layered, self-molding foam full length helps redistribute plantar pressure and improve fit. The skegs under the heel of the�-length stabilizer cap provide stability posting for the rear foot. Black DMP�is ideal for people who find conventional orthotics uncomfortable. IMPORTANT: Black DMP�is available exclusively to healthcare professionals and qualified Superfeet Dealers who are part of our Dealer Network Referral Program.�Highly impressionable memory foam top layer cradles the shape of the foot.�Interactive PU foam middle layer provides comfort without compromising stability.�Proprietary�D-Foam�bottom layer and polypropylene stabilizer cap maintain shape and support.�Encapsulating Stabilizer System�[ESS]�provides firm underfoot support.


  • Model: SFTDMP
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs