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These form-fitting sandals have biblical origins from Roman and Greek influences. Worn by the Druids, Priests, Belly Dancers, Celts, and Gaels. Nativearth sandals are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Leather lacing is adjustable; may be worn as slip-ons, or tied several different ways.
The Ocotillo has a double-tab construction with a sturdy counter to support and stabilize.-8-9 oz. Bullhide Leather for maximum comfort and durability.
  • Suede footbed on a neoprene cushion.
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate narrow to wide feet.
  • Double tab design cradles the Metatarsal.
  • Excellent to wear in water.


  • Model: OCO
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs


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6 reviews for Ocotillo

  1. laura

    These are literally the best sandals in the world. With the conveyor sole they’re very grippy but also very flexible. I’ve been wearing the Ocotillos and the Sedonas for 15 years and love them. They fit like a glove, flex with your foot and stay comfortable – no matter how far you go or what terrain – including water.

  2. Java Bean

    Due to standing in my feet from 8-10 hours a day, my feet are hard to fit. As a woman, I have to wear mens shoes for work. My feet being so wide means I can’t wear women’s sandles. The Ocotillo is, as the amn running the registered said, “Wearing nothing expecpt soles on your feet”. Like with any real leather product, there is a breaking in period. Mine lasted about 1 hour. Very minor whan compared to others.
    I love these and will drive to get more.

  3. Cynthia Willett

    I love these sandals! I bought 2 pair many years ago at a Renaissance Faire and have been searching for them ever since! The closest thing in comfort to going barefoot!

  4. Navigator

    The Nativearth has always proven to quality shoes. I have climbed mountains in them instead of 10 pound boots! What a difference. I did also get a pair of the tall boots for Ren Faire, the best! Better then berks…like walking bare footed.

  5. Krystal

    Simply the most phenomenal barefoot sandal – I wore mine as my only pair of shoes for over 8 years, and am about to order another pair! Comfortable, custom, and stylish too – I always get compliments on them.

  6. will

    Got some of these at a Renaissance faire ages ago and they are the best shoes I’ve ever owned. I wear them everywhere – events, work, hiking. The only time they aren’t the most comfortable is when walking on concrete for a long time, but few shoes are perfect for that. I’ve tried a few shoes from other “barefoot” and “minimalist” brands, and they’ve all been overdesigned garbage in comparison. These feel great AND I get many compliments. I’ve also become convinced that walking on rubber all the time is why many people’s feet stink even when they wear sandals – with the all-leather upper and footbed on these, I’ve never noticed any foot smell OR chafing, no matter how much I sweat. It’s been five or six years since I got mine, and the conveyor belt sole is starting to wear through, but when they finally give up for good I will be happy to buy another pair.

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